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Kathi Felton, Attorney at Law, PC

Why Choose Us?

Practice Areas:                                                            

  • Family Law
  • Estate Planning
  • Mediation - not limited to family issues

Family Law

If you’re currently going through a family law matter such as a divorce or a child custody battle, you already know how difficult it can be to keep your emotions in check. You may be having a hard time making decisions or reaching resolutions with your spouse, partner, or family member.

At Kathi Felton Attorney at Law, we understand what you’re going through, and we want to reassure you that having such complex feelings during your legal matter is completely normal. After all, the decisions you make now will change your life for many years to come. For this reason, our goal is to offer you compassion during this tough time as well as legal services that help you reach peaceful resolutions.

We’re able to draw from our prior experience and knowledge to protect your best interests throughout the duration of your case.

Involving a family law attorney in your situation doesn’t mean that you want to start or continue a conflict; it simply means that you’re ready to work toward a resolution so that you can move forward. If you’re ready to put conflict behind you in favor of a fresh start, contact Kathi Felton Attorney at Law to see how we can help.

With Kathi's individualized attention we can:

  • Help you resolve child custody and visitation disputes
  • Fight to keep your parental rights intact
  • Enforce or modify child support and spousal support payments
  • Negotiate the division of property and marital assets

While Kathi can help you resolve your case through negotiation and mediation (where appropriate), if litigation is necessary, she’ll be right there by your side.
At Kathi Felton Attorney at Law, we will do all that we can to expedite your divorce while protecting your best interests. Contact us today to speak with a family law attorney about your case.


If you’re in need of mediation services, the professionals at Kathi Felton, Attorney at Law are ready to help.

Often, mediation can be an efficient, less costly alternative to litigation for the resolution of family law and other civil issues. Kathi can facilitate discussions in a non-confrontational manner, leading you to a negotiated settlement of your issues. If both participants are willing to openly and fairly discuss the issues, they are generally less likely to return to court to litigate the resulting agreement.

You deserve prompt, professional mediation services from someone you can trust. Call today to learn more about the mediation services we offer.


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